We have a skilled conversion team who capable
to provide high quality XML services.

We provide content conversion, tagging and development of XML-first workflows for the production of high quality digital and print content.We actively advocate an XML-first workflow and can provide XML files at point in the production process (First Proof/Revises/Finals). We have rich experience with a variety of DTDs.
XML Conversion has following aspects:
  •   MS-Word to XML
  •   PDF to XML
  •   XML tagging services
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) has been a widely used document format since the internet revolution. HTML is one of the markup languages designed for making web pages that delivers information in a format-oriented basis. With the increased use of HTML there has been an increase in the need of HTML conversion services.
Our team prepares digital content for electronic publishing; converting all types of information from all major word processing and PDF and other document formats, as well as paper, into HTML.
HTML Conversion has following aspects:
  •  MS-Word to HTML
  •  PDF to HTML
  •  Paper to HTML
In a world driven by rapid exchange of vital information, business process efficiency hinges upon document management that includes the quick and easy conversion of documents from one form to the other. The Portable Document Format (PDF) has emerged as the format of choice for document conversion. PDFs can be easily generated from receipts, invoices, bills, images, word and excel documents, html, xml, etc. Documents in this format can easily be stored, transmitted and published and is easy to use. Companies find it easy to produce their marketing material in the PDF format.
PDF Conversion has following aspects:
  •  MS-Word to PDF
  •  Image to PDF
  •  Paper to PDF