Enhanced eBook

Enhanced eBook is the future of eBooks which include interesting features like embedded media, interactivity, narration, and more.

ePub2, ePub3 & Mobi

Our capabilities include conversion of any type of content to ePub and Mobi format (Application files, Word document, scanned pages, hard copy, PDF documents, custom XML), with high quality standards and quick turnaround times.

iBooks Author

The output of iBooks Author is a proprietary Apple file format similar to the ePub standard, but with extensions that prevent it from being universally readable or editable as an EPUB document.

Widget Creation

A widget is a small interactive application that you can affix onto your website, blog, your favorite social network, on your desktop and on mobile phones widget. It enables users to receive contents in text, image, and video formats. With our Widget Creation Services, you will be able to provide constantly update information to friends, customer and business partners. It enables users to receive contents in text, image, and video formats.


Educational Product Development

We produce platform agnostic, interactive and illustrated eBooks in ePub3 with HTML5 and CSS3 to make it easy for the users to access rich media and content, on the go. It has multimedia contents like animations, fluid diagrams and graphics, sound effects, videos, etc., that keep readers engaged and deepen the impact of the written word.


Flash to HTML5 Conversion

With features like semantic enrichment, native support for rich media and compatibility with all major browsers & operating systems, HTML5 makes it easier for users to access websites, apps and games.

Web Portal Development

Developing web portal is not just for selling products or having a huge web presence, but it helps to manage marketing programs, service functions, managing sales activities and a lot more. We create web portals that allow users to access news, find blogs and articles, communicating with other users and so on.


Multilingual eBooks

Digital publishing transcends the traditional barriers of country and state. However, reaching an international and multilingual audience with publications can still present quite the challenge. Producing multilingual eBooks by translating/localizing the eBook content in diverse international languages to help you widen your global reach.


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