1. Device & OS friendly

    EPUB provides highly compatible access to read e-learning materials on any mobile devices.
  2. Enhance learning

    EPUBs can include hyperlinks and embedded links of audios, videos and other interactive features. In a way, these help enhance the learning arena of the users.
  3. Reading Personalized

    This is important for the internationalization of applications.
  4. Can embed multiple data types

    It has a personalized support for learning content because content can be designed and optimized for a particular device. So that learners can adjust the text and font size as per their wish.
  5. Feature-packed

    EPUBs can provide features for digital devices such as highlighting, note taking, bookmarking and text-to-speech capabilities. Employees will do their jobs better by absorbing the learning via their mobile devices at their own pace.
  6. Compact Learning without Internet

    EPUBs allow companies to access huge data without hard copies. So learners can carry their devices to access this information offline after downloading.
  7. Improve workplace performance

    EPUBs will helps to improve skills, knowledge & performance of employees 24/7 through learning resources
  8. Help overcome disabilities

    Text to speech features will help the employees with vision disabilities and, audio playback, speeding up and slowing down features allow learners to read at their own pace.