Consumer Goods & Services

Digital innovations are changing both consumer demand and competitive dynamics in the CPG marketplace, drastically influencing consumer purchasing behavior and decisions. With boundaries between retailers, AI Companies, and CPG companies blurring, the industry is ripe for transformation.

Impel Infotech Data Science expertise, portfolio of AI-powered solutions and CPG industry context has helped CPG solutions build customer loyalty, drive incremental sales growth, get more value for marketing spend and enhanced supply chain planning and operations. Some of the largest CPG companies in the world count on us to deliver transformation outcomes.

Price & Promotion Optimization

Price Control Watchtower: A price monitoring and alerting system for potential impact, policy violations, and recurrent patterns. The solution also tracks competitor pricing for similar products across different geographies

Price / Promotion Optimizer & Recommender: Provides automated and optimized price architecture recommendation to business users by SKUs, PPGs and accounts/segments with visibility into perceived utility of products/brands across customer demographics.

Impel Infotech Price & Promotion solution leverages proprietary optimization algorithms to help CPG companies measure the effectiveness of:

Pricing decisions and promotion mix
Recommendations for actions on pricing
The ideal promotion mix across categories accounts and regions.